Bingo games based on movies

Online bingo games, slots, or bingo slots are loved by many people around the world, especially when playing them inside real bingo halls or casinos. The entertainment factor that these games carry out has proven time and again to thrill every age group, from teens to adults, and even the elderly. Online bingo games have captured the aspects of a typical land-based casino, and put them together with the modern traits of a virtual casino. This is like taking an old version of your favorite car, and reconstructing it with a newer look.

BEST Bingo games online!

Bingo slots are the largest and the most popular virtual games. And because nearly every single person is familiar with the concept of bingo and playing inside land-based casinos, it’s now possible for them to play this game inside the comfort of their own home. One shouldn’t hesitate to play this game, because bingo is so easy to learn. Also, it comes with many flashy graphics and special effects that entertain you while you play. Virtual bingo slots follow the same concept as actual casinos, except now, it’s available online.

Movie-Themed Slot Bingo Games

  • The Slotfather – These virtual bingo games come from Betsoft. They’re usually designed with a famous movie theme – And in this case, it’s The Godfather. It definitely lives up to its name, because these games provide plenty of amazing offers that one cannot refuse. These bingo games take the player into the world of the mafia in a 30-payline, 5-reel thriller. This game also has some hilarious dialogues, and the fascinating characters all make this game an exciting experience for both new and seasoned players.
  • Heist – These slot bingo games have a bank robbery theme. Each symbol found in these bingo games is connected to the attacks, with items such as money, guns, and bags each making an appearance. The game’s aesthetic elements are geared towards the robbery theme of the film. Everything in this game, from the fonts used to the graphics, include that sleek, modern look one would expect in a professional, high-security bank vault.
  • Tycoons – These slot bingo games have an exciting combination of great design and pure entertainment. It has 30 pay lines that also contain five reels. The prize is a progressive jackpot that gives out a maximum win of $7,500. And when it comes to having an authentic gaming experience, Tycoon definitely has it all – From parties, to gambling and drinking. There’s a popular scene in all tycoon-themed movies where these businessmen all sit around an expensive table with furnishings, champagne and crystals. Tycoons copies this whole effect, meticulously paying attention to every detail, quality graphics, and a real sound cache.
  • Pinocchio – This game is based after the famous children’s fairy tale by Carlo Collodi, and the popular Walt Disney film – But the main difference is that the graphics in this game are far more superior to the ones found in the movie. The slot bingo games all include five reels that provide players with the choice to play the winning lines of 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 13, up to a maximum of 15 reels. There’s also a free spins bonus game.
  • A Night in Paris – This movie’s title is reminiscent of Woody Allen’s film ‘Midnight in Paris’, one of the biggest movies of 2011. These slot bingo games allow players to have plenty of fun for only $0.02. Players can make a wager between one and thirty coins. Like most games, A Night in Paris contains five reels and thirty pay lines. But the high-rollers are still not neglected: Feel free to bet up to $150 with each spin in A Night in Paris, the casino game that is fit for those who are on a tight budget.
  • Good Girl, Bad Girl – These are slot games based on the concept of having an angel sit on one side of the player’s shoulder, while a devil sits on the other side. Once they switch a dial, they can choose to play the Good Angel side of the machine, where wins are paid from left to right. Meanwhile, switching the dial even further allows the player to experience the Bad Devil side. There’s also the option to play both.

Other Movie Inspired Online Games

  • Grease Series – This slot game contains a wild symbol, perfectly portrayed by the movie’s two main characters, Olivia and Danny. This symbol serves as a substitute for all of the game’s other symbols, except for the scatter ones. Aside from that, the wild symbol is also the highest-paid symbol where five wild symbols can pay the player $5000. Lining up four of them will give payouts of 1,250, 100, or 12.
  • Fantastic Four – This is a five-reel slot game that contains 50 paylines, and is based on Marvel’s The Fantastic Four, a team of superheroes that includes Mr. Fantastic, The Invisible Woman, The Human Torch, and The Thing. These superheroes also appear as symbols found on the reels. Together with these four characters, the slot also includes the franchise logo, the card values A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9. It has a simple and clean interface, fitting the style of these superheroes. The backdrop of the game is colored blue, representing the color of the suits that the four of them wear.
  • Scarface – The Scarface slot machine was constructed by Swedish developer, Net Entertainment, together with Universal Studios. It’s a five-reel video slot that pays homage to the movie classic. This game includes some symbols that were mostly inspired from the movie’s characters, like Elvira Hancock, Manny Ribera, and of course, it’s lead character, Tony Montana. And just like the movie, this game contains blood – Lots of it. It contains amazing sounds, animations, and cut scenes.
  • Vegas – Once you first begin to play this game, your eyes will be treated to a stunning animation video sequence where you’ll get to see Mr. Vegas enjoying some VIP amenities inside a luxury casino.

One of the biggest perks in playing slots bingo games on the Internet as a form of gambling is that it captures the attention of many experienced gamblers and make them use the Web as a means of playing virtual casino games and online bingo games.